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Looking to take a gap year or another round the world adventure but not sure where to start? Look no further. This website is here to answer all your questions about how to travel around the world, gap years, backpacking, and the nomad way. We have suggested routes, advice on how to travel cheaply, meet other travelers, and much more. We'll teach you all the money saving travel tips you need for any vacation.
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Flashpacking: The New Backpacking

flashpackingFlashpacking is backpacking for the 21st century. No longer about a few clothes, hitch hiking, or little money, flashpacking is about travel with means. The flashpacker contains the backpacking ethos but wants to do it with a little more style and a lot more technology. Read More About Flashpacking

Environmentally Friendly Travel

riverTravel is a great experience but has a heavy environmental impact. Yet we should not have to decide between travel and the environment. There are many ways to travel sustainably and reduce your environmental impact. Read More About Green Travel

Tips on Working Overseas

working overseasTraveling on a budget means that sometimes you run out of money and need to work. Working overseas is a great way to earn more money as well as also learn about a new culture, get to know a place in depth, picking up a new language, and make some new international friends. View More Information on Working Abroad

Featured World Travel Tip

skypeStaying in touch with those back home while you travel is important to many travelers. While e-mail and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace make it easier to stay in touch with those back home than in previous years, sometimes you wan to see someone’s face or hear their voice. Find Out How to Stay in Touch

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Featured World Travel Gear

using a guidebookGuidebooks are an important but not essential part of travel. You should get them and use them but just don’t treat them as a bible, which is a mistake many travelers make. There’s a few good alternatives to guidebooks that can help supplement information in guidebooks Buy Travel Guidebooks

Featured World Travel Question

hostelQ: How can I stay healthy on the road? Eat healthy, don't drink a lot, get plenty of sleep, make sure your food is thoroughly cooked, and wash your hands frequently. Like your mom told you, make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables. View More Travel Questions Here