Types of Transportation for Each Region

ways to get around while traveling
There are many ways to get around the world- trains, planes, and automobiles. Here are some ways to get around and get around the world cheaply:

Europe is not always the cheapest place to travel around. Transportation costs can be high, especially if you are traveling long distances. A cheap way to travel get across the United Kingdom is the Megabus, where fares can cost as little as one pound. You’ll need to book at least a month in advance on popular routes to get the one pound fare. Even if you don’t scoop up these amazingly cheap deals, you can still travel for a fraction of the cost you can on the National Rail system as fares rarely top fifteen pounds.

By far the cheapest option for traveling Europe, these airlines are so prolific that excess capacity and competition help keep fares cheap. You can often find tickets where the fare is just the taxes. Remember though: read the fine print as not all airlines offer refunds for cancel flights. Moreover, check what airport they fly into. Many fly into secondary airports to keep costs down but sometimes those airports are so far from the city center, transportation from them can be very expensive.

Getting a rail pass is a good option if you are going to be traveling across vast distances. The European rail system is very good and very cheap over short distances. However, when you start boarding night trains across multiple countries, the rail system becomes a bit more expensive. Rail Passes are a great way to save quite a few euros and are a must for anyone looking to take the trains over long distances. (You can get 10% off your European Rail Pass when you purchase our editor’s book on how to save money traveling the world! Click here for more details! That’s a savings of up to $122 USD! (And the book is only $14 USD. You do the math!))

It is very cheap to travel around Asia. Any part of Asia. Trains and buses are frequent and cheap and will take you wherever you want to go. Hub cities specialize in getting tourists to their next destination, even if it a two countries away. There is a whole industry here meant to keep you happy and on the move.  Bus are operated by no name companies and tourist agencies. There’s no real set price, and a little big of haggling will get prices down.  When using “local” transport, there’s still a chance you might be overcharged, though it is often a bit cheaper than getting the tourist bus. And if uncomfortable buses or long train rides don’t appeal to you, there is a wide variety of low cost airlines, such as Air Asia, Tiger Airways, and Jetstar that run frequent deals.

Australia/New Zealand
Travel in Australia and New Zealand can be done by bus, car, or plane.  It is as though these two countries were built for roadtrips and people often buy a car or campervan and drive around with other travelers. This is one of the most common forms of travel here as sharing the costs makes it a good bargain. There are plenty of local buses such as greyhound and McCafferty that will take you around as well as organized bus companies like the Kiwi or OZ Experience.  These are most economical on the east coast where routes and passengers are frequent. However, travel in Western Australia is very expensive due to large distances, few routes, and few passengers. Often the cheapest (and quickest) way to travel is to fly.

Africa is an interesting place to travel around. Many parts of the continent are war zones, no go zones, or just really hard to get to. The best way to travel the continent is up the east cost on bus. Flying is also possible but an expensive option. Buses are by far the cheapest way to go. Most people Start in Cape Town and head up to Kenya. Keep in mind that national parks are geared toward tour groups and are not easily accessible for independent travelers. If you plan on traveling Africa, we recommend hitching a ride with an independent, hop on/hop off bus tour.

South America
Bus are a great way to get around the continent. They are the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to get around the continent. Bus in Argentina are very luxurious. You get food, drinks, games, and movies. (Make sure you go full cama!)  Hiring a car is possible but you won’t be able to cover the same amount of ground as you could with a bus. Air travel is relatively in expensive when compared to other parts of the world. However, if you are limited on time, this will be your best, albeit most expensive option.

North America
North America covers a big area. Airplanes will get you to most major cities but flying is very expensive, especially in the Untied States. Trains can get you around easily, though in the middle they become infrequent. Buses are a major form of transportation but off the coasts their destinations arent as wide.  A car is the best way to see middle America as most of the destinations are unreachable by bus or train.  Canada is very similar too. Buses and trains are extensive but for off the beaten track places, buses will be needed. However, a car is the best way to see the country. Car drop off services offer a good alternative as most often give you as gas stipend and some money for your services.

Central America
Bus or car is the best option.  Central America is a small place and transportation is very cheap, giving little reason to even bother flying.  Moreover, bus trips are a great way to meander through the small cities and jungles on your way to your next destinations. Car rental services are available but can be a bit of a hassle and border guards often add requirements in order to get some extra money. If you do plan on driving, it is better to take a car with you from the states.

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