Sample Travel Itineraries

Where you go in the world is totally your decision- every trip is different, though we all have a tendency to follow the same route.  Most first time travelers spend a lot of time looking over their route.  We’ve come up with some possible routes for you to take that minimize double back and help avoid high transportation costs.  At the very least, they’ll give you some ideas on places to go.

Africa Travel Itinerary- The Classic overland route taking you from north to south via the east coast of the continent, taking in mountains, safaris, waterfalls, jungles, and tropical islands along the way.

South East Asia
Southeast Asia Itinerary- All the countries in the region that are on the tourist trail, covering a wide area.
Southeast Asia Itinerary- Mainland Southeast Asia route.

Eastern Europe Itinerary- The Grand tour of the East
Eastern Europe Itinerary- The Quick and Dirty Tour
Eastern Europe Itinerary- Another quick way to go about it.
Western Europe Itinerary- This is the grand tour of Western Europe covering it all.
Western Europe Itinerary- A smaller “grand” tour that takes in most of the countries.
Western Europe Itinerary- Just the highlights of Western Europe.

USA Itinerary- This is the grand tour of the United States.
USA Itinerary- This route takes you over the northern part of the United States.
USA Itinerary- This route goes over the southern part of the United States.

Central America
Central America Itinerary- Head through the heart of Latin America for great surfing, historic ruins, great Spanish architecture, friendly people, and of course, delicious food.

South America
South America Itinerary- This grand route takes you over the the whole continent. You can see the whole thing or break down the route into separate parts.

Australia Itinerary- The Classic U around the east coast and red center.
Australia Itinerary- The Giant Countrywide S through the everything.

New Zealand
New Zealand Itinerary- The whole country.
New Zealand North Island Itinerary- What to do in the North Island.
New Zealand South Island Itinerary- What to do in the South Island.