United States Travel Itinerary #2

United States Travel Route

Seattle ->Portland ->Sacramento ->San Fransisco ->Los Angeles (Las Vegas) ->Phoenix ->Flagstaff ->Albuquerque ->Santa Fe ->Denver ->Provost ->Salt Lake City ->Deadwood ->Omaha ->Chicago ->Cleveland ->Washington D.C. ->Philadelphia ->New York City ->Boston

This route takes you through the northern part of the United States, concentrating on the western part of the country. Starting in Seattle, the land of Starbucks, head down to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for some great forests and coastlines and drive into San Francisco for some far left and gay culture before moving down the beautiful California coast before heading into fast paced Los Angeles. After trying to spot a celebrity and taking a side trip to Vegas, drive into Arizona and up to one of the greatest national wonders in the world, the Grand Canyon. Hike the Canyon, relax, recover, and then more into New Mexico. Get a taste of the west and some Native American culture in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and then head up to Colorado. Chill and happening Denver and drive through the Rockies into Utah to catch Zion National Park and a bit of Mormon culture in Salt Lake City. Stop in Yellowstone National park as you cruise through the Great Plain on your way to Chicago. Bask in the land of Obama and Pizza and make your way across the Rust Belt towards Washington. Explore the center of power in the world and learn about the United States’ history and politics before learning more about it in Philadelphia.  Head into the city that never sleeps to catch a show in Times Square, wave at the Statue of Liberty, explore central park, and bask in the greatness that is New York City. Finish off Boston, America’s European city, with great sports teams, amazing seafood, and the Matt Damon accent. After the fast pace of NYC, it will be a good, relaxing places to finish.

Minimum Completion Time: 1 month